Choosing Your Tummy Tuck Doctor

Choosing Your Tummy Tuck Doctor

The thing you must know about tummy tucks is that it’s a surgical process. This means the surgeon will actually CUT you!

For something as invasive as this, I highly recommend seeking out multiple doctor opinions before picking one. Here are 3 tips on choosing your tummy tuck doctor:

Go for experienced doctors

For a surgical process like this, don’t take any risks. There will be many young doctors who just came out to start their own practices. These clinics usually charge a lower price to be competitive but it is not worth it. Search around for doctors who have done multiple tummy tuck procedures such as Dr. Samuel from Allure

Do the procedure locally

It might be tempting to do your tummy tuck in Thailand and save a few hundred dollars. But always consider the “what ifs”. There might be complications that will need you to go for follow-up reviews. If such a situation arises, you will curse the fact that your doctor is in Thailand and can’t help you when you’re in pain. It never hurts to be too safe. Go with a local surgeon.

Pick the one you’re most comfortable with

A doctor-patient relationship is more than a business transaction. Your doctor must be one that is trustworthy and recommends the best advice based on your unique requirements. Once again, seek multiple opinions before making a decision. You wouldn’t want to go for constant follow-ups with a doctor you don’t like, right?

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